Meet The Team

                                             The Team
Name: Jack Bucknall
Nickname: Butterfingers
Catchphrase: "Can I have a lift for tomorrow?"

I am 16 and have been birding since the start of 2008, my interest was sparked when I got a bird book bought for me and I immediately picked out my favourite as redshank, hence my love for waders! My favourite bird now is the jack snipe. My patch is St. Mary's Island in Whitley Bay, as Dan could probably tell you, nothing gets in the way of my patching, not even schoolwork on some occasions! I am also a bird ringer with Dan and Kieran, and also am rarely without my camera!

Name: Joseph Nichols
Nickname: Jesus
Catchphrase: "Probably the same bird"

The 'Scottish' one, though my accent is deceptive. I have been birding for as long as I can remember, and I am now an obsessive 18 year old on a constant self-finding quest in never-ending harsh and cold Aberdeenshire landscapes. I escape to warmer climbs every now and then, mostly in Norfolk where I religiously patch an area of private land. I bear a striking resemblance to the Son of God and suffer every now
 and then from Same Bird Syndrome.

Name: Daniel Mcgibbon
Nickname: Goliath
Famous Quote: "I saw a Jack Snipe flying around with Twite"
Famous for my height,I am 16 and  have been birding and bird ringing for two and a half years, I got into birding through seeing golden eagles on the west coast of scotlands and have been in love with birds of prey since. My patch is warkworth Gut although I live in whitley bay I do get to do some patching once in a while. I mostly do county birding but will go on a twitch once in a while. My favourate bird is eleonora's falcon for obvious reason.

Name: Kieran Lawrence
Nickname: Sleeper
Famous Quote: "I'm tired"

Birding since a young age with my dad, my enthusiasm spurred from seeing my first Red Kites and Golden Eagles in Dumfries and Galloway in 2005. Since then my thirst for birds has been insatiable and I started properly birding in 2007. Being based in Sunderland has some great advantages. especially since Durham is the best County in Britain. Many would say I'm the craziest of the group, I rarely stop talking, unless I'm asleep. As well as being a birder, I go ringing with Jack and Dan. Just another way to continue my passion. Lands End to John O'Groats, no place is too far for birding!

Name: Michael Murphy
Nickname: Donkey/Bouffont
Famous Quote: "I'm not a twitcher/Well, there are a lot of yank waders in America!"
Catchphrase: "I'm gripped"
My two best birding moments have been a good seawatch off Whitburn and the Bee-eater at Seaburn in Nov 2012!
I'm a sixteen year old birder from the best county on earth- Durham, and i've been birding all my life, but seriously for the last 3 years. I've grown up birding around Teeside, with annual trips to Scotland, Norfolk and beyond. I'm a trainee ringer, but also enjoy twitching 'now-and-then' and like nothing better than being out on the coast birding, finding birds and improving my ID skills. I struggle to decide on my favourite species but it is probably the Blackbird. I have many most wanted bird, but of them I would love to see a White's Thrush, White-Throated needletail or Green Heron the most, hopefully in Durham!

Name:  Harry Murphy
Nickname: Big Patch/Child
Famous Quote: "Everything is possible"

I started looking at birds in 2009 when I got an i-spy book on birds, soon after I found RSPB Saltholme which I visit almost every week. In 2010 I saw a Rough-legged Buzzard and from that point I was obsessed. I live in north Yorkshire but I do most of my birding in Durham as, lets face it, its a awesome county, and I do a little twitching when I can.
My favourite bird is probably a waxwing because they are a little rare, they are sexy and if I'm lucky I can sometimes see them feeding on berrys while sat in KFC.

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